Schedule: Studio Problems in Typography

10:20–12:30 M/W

AC S215

Subject to change as life happens, especially as our classroom is still under construction as I type this! Check back often for updates.

* the asterisk refers to the course “InDesign Typography” with Nigel French


Week 1.

W 9/9 Introduction to class and first project: Transforming Raw Text. Show previous student Raw Text work. Work session follows with individual critiques late in class at work stations. Homework: Please read Lupton “Letter” section. 


Week 2.

M 9/14 Critique on Raw Text assignment at 10:20 a.m. sharp: Have printouts up on the wall, ready to go. Process presentation. Letter Chapter Overview, Part I. Work some more.

W 9/16 Final Critique on Raw Text assignment. Do not mount.  Introduce Personal Annual Report assignment. Also show examples of student Annual Reports.


Week 3.

M 9/21 Raw Text assignment due to digital dropbox by 10:20 a.m. PDFs only. Letter Chapter Overview, Part II.  View brilliant Ikea ad. Screening of design documentary on typographer Marian Bantjes. Get going on Personal Annual Report. Suggested Lynda content* Chapter 2 “Character Formatting”

W 9/23 Introduce Type Terms #1. Work session with individual critiques at workstations. Suggested Lynda content* Chapter 3 “Terminology and Conventions”


Week 4.

M 9/28 Critique on Personal Annual Report assignment. Location TBA; be ready by 10:20. Black & white is fine, though you may show color if you want to. Suggested Lynda content* Chapter 6 “Small but Important Details”

W 9/30 Quiz #1, which covers Lupton “Letter” chapter and Type Terms #1. Work session follows with individual critiques at work stations. Have work for us to discuss.


Week 5.

M 10/5  Final critique on Personal Annual Report assignment. Have printouts on the wall by 10:20. Do not mount yet. Quizzes returned. Introduce Calendar assignment.  Start reading Lupton “Text” Chapter. Suggested Lynda content* Chapter 4 “Leading”

W 10/7 Personal Annual Report due, mounted, at 10:20 a.m. Text Chapter Overview, Part I. Work session follows. Suggested Lynda content* Chapter 5 “Kerning and Tracking”


Week 6.

M 10/12 Lecture: Text Chapter Overview, Part II. Work on calendars. Suggested Lynda content* Chapter 7 “Alignment”

W 10/14 Critique on Calendar assignment. Every date must be represented. Black & white is fine, though you may show color if you want to. Introduce Type Terms #2. Suggested Lynda content* Chapter 8 “Indents and Spacing”


Week 7.

M 10/19 Take Quiz #2, which covers Lupton “Text” chapter and Type Terms #2. Work session follows with individual critiques at workstations.

W 10/21 Final critique on Calendar assignment: we will do this in S215. Do not mount yet, but must be in color. Return Quiz #2. Introduce Masthead portion of Magazine assignment. Work session follows with individual critiques at work stations. Assignment: come up with ideas for the name of our magazine—have at least three to share on Monday.


Week 8.

M 10/26 Calendar due, mounted, at 10:20 a.m. Bring names for magazine & vote. Introduce Currency Assignment.Screening of design documentary Typeface, which is about Wisconsin’s Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum.

W 10/28 Work on mastheads (critique on Monday!) and currency. Show examples of student-designed currency. Discuss what needs to be on currency & show currency-related resources.


Week 9.

M 11/2 Masthead critique including three sample covers: no need to print, as we will show these on the projector. Imagery can be for placement only (FPO). Lecture: Grid. Work session follows.

W 11/4 Critique on Currency assignment. Work must be printed; b&w ok. Every denomination must be represented with two unique sides. Suggested Lynda content* Chapter 12 “Global Formatting with Styles”


Week 10.

M 11/9 Discuss Type Terms #3. Read these last two chapters of the Lupton book.

W 11/11 Final critique on Currency assignment. Printouts must be in color. Everything must be in place.


Week 11.

M 11/16 Introduce second part of Magazine assignment. Work session.

W 11/18 Currency assignment due., 10:20 a.m. sharp. Work session follows. Suggested Lynda content* Chapter 13 “Working With Text Wraps”


Week 12.

M 11/23 Watch film: Helvetica. 

W 11/25 Thanksgiving Break: be thankful while eating significantly more than usual.


Week 13.

M 11/30 Quiz #3. Work session with individual critiques follows.

W 12/2 Critique on Magazines. Every page must be represented. B&W ok.


Week 14.

M 12/7 Work session.

W 12/9 Final critique on Magazine Design assignment. Every page must be represented. Print in color.


Week 15.

M 12/14  Magazine project due. Digital portfolio due by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, 12/15.


Thursday 12/17 @ 4 p.m.  Work graded and available for retrieval (at your convenience) in S215.

{{Thursday, December 17th: Senior Design Exhibition Reception. 6 – 7:30 p.m. You should go!}}