Studio Problems in Typography




Final Digital Portfolio


Lecture Slides

Too awesome(ly big) to upload to this site. You can find ’em on the ArtX server.


Type Terms

Type Terms One

Type Terms Two

Type Terms Three


Useful Things

U&lc Guide to Mixing Typefaces

Canva Guide to Mixing Typefaces (Note: web-oriented. The body text sizes seem huge for print.)

A nice article on The History of Letterpress Printing


Personal Reports



Currency Design 

Bank Note World : A great collection of images to draw inspiration from.

Text on a One Dollar Bill

Security features @ Banknote Corporation of America

All about the new $100 bill, in circulation Fall 2013


Nelson Mandela Banknotes

“Money Style” Photoshop portrait tutorial

Currency seal Illustrator tutorial

What would a redesigned U.S. dollar look like? (Slate)


Magazine Design


Linefeed Magazine Cover Archive

A great AIGA article about the future of the magazine: “Print is Dead is Dead.”

A good article about the 2009 redesign of the New York Times Magazine

Society of Publication Designers

The New Wave of Anti-Design Magazines Will Question Your Taste: And That’s a Good Thing 


Even More Useful Things

Type Spec Sheet Example

Advice for Type Spec Sheet

Our textbook: Thinking With Type, by Ellen Lupton.

How to hang punctuation (such as quotes) (Type>Story>Optical Margin Alignment)

How to create tabs, hanging indents (flush & hung), etc. in InDesign

How to hang text in the margin


Resources on Combining Typefaces

U&lc Guide to Mixing Typefaces

H&FJ’s “Four Techniques for Combining Fonts”

FontShop’s “Combining Type With Helvetica”

… and even more tips and resources.


And One Necessary GIF

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. See it for yourself:





What’s your type?