Yours to consider: a very random list of things I’ve learned along the way, updated occasionally. I’m really recording these thoughts for my daughter, but I figured that I’d make ’em public to see if they stand up over time. Some might be obvious, some not. Some may apply to you, some may not. Read on, below.

And if you find this kind of stuff helpful, here’s a link to Cleveland newspaper columnist Regina Brett’s 45 Life Lessons (and 5 to grow on). Good stuff, and worth repeated readings.

1. Never stop learning.

2. Eat good food. And know where it came from.

3. Blankets and bowls are the best inventions ever.

4. Technology will never stop changing. Adapt as needed.

5. Be generous and friendly if you want the same in return.

6. Lots of things depend on who you know and who you surround yourself with.

7. Look for connections.

8. Embrace juxtaposition.

9. Most of what’s on television is crap.

10. Perfection may not be possible.

11. Many things have a way of working out.

12. You can discover the most amazing truths by reading good fiction.

13. Some of the best adventures are unplanned.

14. Almost every issue is complex: few things are black or white.

15. Learn as much as you can about disciplines outside of your major and/or interests. This information will help you to understand your own passions that much better.

16. Regularly find yourself in places you’ve never been before: near and very, very far.