Above: The main component of Alma, Wisconsin (After Soth), 2012.

The exploration of cartography drives much of my work, and I have completed and exhibited a number of maps which serve as a record of personal experience. Some of the maps are handmade (Aubade Forward: sewn fragments of work printed at the Hamilton Wood Type Museum in Two Rivers), but most are computer-generated.  Delineation of Experience was completed in March, 2009. Nearly 8-feet long, Delineation was a record of my life in Wisconsin since moving to the state in 2004. On it, I did my best to document all roads taken, all bodies of water seen, and a cross-section of meaningful (or, perhaps, somewhat mundane) everyday experiences. During the fall of 2010, I completed an updated version my “personal transit map,” an imagined system of personalized public transportation. (I made a similar map as part of my thesis work in graduate school.) Completed during passionate statewide debate on passenger rail during the fall election, Oshkosh Personal Transit is also an account of everyday life here in Oshkosh, fitting it within all of my other personal maps completed to date.  Alma, Wisconsin (After Soth) was my piece for the 2012 Design MMoCA at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art: the museum challenged me to make a piece inspired by Alec Soth’s Cemetery, Fountain City, WI (2002), and this is what I came up with. As my first installation, it even had sound. And an empty bottle of Orange Crush. (The last image on this page—which is very long—contains the photo narrative from that endeavor.) Just below this paragraph, you’ll see my most recent map—Unintentional Guide to the Big City (2015)—which is an imagined take on the time an old friend spent living in Chicago. Below that, you’ll see the rotary key I designed to decipher the “typeface” I designed for Design MMoCA 2014, as maps aren’t always limited to geographical location…. though true to the rest of my work, the piece has everything to do with a specific location—in this case, the land and home my husband and I purchased in late 2013. Below the key, you’ll see a very general map of that as well. Next up? Depends on where I go.



Wheel Key





Superior Makes a Point, for an AIGA Wisconsin thing. 2012.

Ligne Bleue. 2011.

Three maps for Design City: Design Inquiry, Montreal. 2011.

Personal Transit Map. 2010.

Delineation of Experience, 2009.

Current Circuit, 2005.

Below: More from Alma, Wisconsin  (After Soth).