Schedule: Design III

T/Th 8:00 –10:10

AC S215 & S216

Subject to change as life happens. Check back often for updates.


Week 1.

Th 9/7 Nice to see you again! Review syllabus, class assignments, process book basics, intentions for class, and dive into our first project, designing the identity for a coffee shop. Slide lecture of related design. Show what students have done in the past.


Week 2.

T 9/12 Work session.

Th 9/14 Critique: please address all elements of coffee shop project. Everything must be assembled.


Week 3.

T 9/19 Introduce Art Department & Graphic Design Emphasis T-Shirt Design project. Work session follows.

Th 9/21 Final critique on coffee shop project. Everything must be present and assembled.


Week 4.

T 9/26 Coffee shop project due, 8:00 a.m.

Th 9/28 Field trip to Offbeat Press! 627 Bayshore Drive, Oshkosh. We will meet there at 9:00 a.m.


Week 5.

T 10/3 Have significant t-shirt progress to show whole class. Small group critiques.

Th 10/5 Have additional t-shirt progress to show whole class. Large group critique.

Week 6.

T 10/10 T-Shirt Critique with Drew and Des from Offbeat Press. Be very, very prepared.

Th 10/12 Instructor at AIGA Conference in Minneapolis. You should go on the Art Department Chicago Bus Trip, which happens today!


Week 7.

T 10/17 T-Shirts due.

Th 10/19 


Week 8.

T 10/24 

Th 10/26 Self-Defined project proposals due to my e-mail by 5 p.m. today. Answer all questions on the assignment sheet, or it will be returned to you for revision.


Week 9.

T 10/31 Costumes optional.

Th 11/2 


Week 10.

T 11/7 

Th 11/9 


Week 11.

T 11/14 Be prepared to introduce your Self-Defined project to other members of class. Use of the projector is strongly encouraged so that you may show your research and related work thus far. Have research and plans to show to us.

Th 11/16 


Week 12.

T 11/21 First critique, Self-Defined Project. Please address all components of your project.

Th 11/23 Be thankful while eating more than usual: enjoy your Thanksgiving.


Week 13.

T 11/28 

Th 11/30 Small peer group critiques, Self-Defined Project. Seek and give constructive feedback. Please address all components of your project, and assemble if needed. Discuss Final Digital Portfolio instructions.


Week 14.

T 12/5 

Th 12/7 Final critique, Self-Defined project.


Week 15.

T 12/12 Self-Defined Project due at 9:00 am sharp. This is the last time we will meet as a class. Digital portfolio due by 5

Th 12/14 Class does not meet today. Work will graded and available for retrieval (at your convenience) after 4 p.m. in S216.









Week 8.

T 3/28 Make Quick Maps in class. Bring drawing materials (such as pencils or markers). Work session follows.

Th 3/30 Work session.


Week 9.

T 4/4 Map project critique #1

Th 4/6 

Week 10.

T 4/11 Map project critique #2

Th 4/13 


Week 11.

T 4/18 Maps due with process materials.

Th 4/20


Week 12.

T 4/25 Work session.

Th 4/27 


Week 13.

T 5/2 Work session.

Th 5/4 Final critique.


Week 14.

T 5/9   Self-Defined Project due at 10:20 am sharp. Digital portfolio due by 5

Thursday 5/11 after 4 p.m.  Work graded and available for retrieval (at your convenience) in S216.

{{Thursday, May 11th: Senior Design Exhibition Reception. 6 – 7:30 p.m. You should go!}}