Design II




Final Portfolio Guidelines


Information and resources you might find useful:

Reference/Poster Design

These outfits are doing some really interesting work in poster design. They may or may not be your thing.

But have a look anyway to see how type + image work together.


Aesthetic Apparatus

Jason Munn / Small Stakes

Jay Ryan/The Bird Machine

Land Land/Cargo Collective

Paloma Chavez (MKE-based)



Reference/Logo/Symbol/Wordmark Design

Aaron Draplin Takes on a Logo Design Challenge

Symbol Wordmark Hand-In Sample

Logo Design Love

Smashing Magazine: Vital Tips for Effective Logo Design (esp. 10 Common Mistakes)

Coke vs. Pepsi: a visual identity timeline

Brand New

LogoLounge (check out their Trend Reports)

Aaron Draplin’s “Pretty Much Everything” poster

5 Cliche Logo Trends to Avoid

10 Biggest Logo Cliches of All Time


Design Paper Layout Project

Type Spec Sheet Example

Advice for Type Spec Sheet

Advice for Type Spec Sheet

Footnote help: “Numbering endnotes and footnotes in the document body” (scroll down)


Music Packaging Project

Iconic album covers animated.

Third Man Records Triple Decker Record video

MTV News segment about the end of the CD longbox. (They made really great dorm posters, btw.)

AV Club’s “The Year in Swag” (But remember that what you’re making is a limited-edition package for superfans, not a desperate plea for the news media to notice you.)

Download Code Examples (For informational purposes only: don’t feel like you need to stick with this exact size/format.)


Think about where you find design: