Projects: 481 Art Seminar

Projects will be posted as they are made available.

Personal Report 2017

Currency Redesign

Calendar Design

Magazine Design


Final Digital Portfolio


Type Terms:

Type Terms Three

Type Terms Two

Type Terms One


Resources for Currency Design 


Bank Note World : A great collection of images to draw inspiration from.

Text on a One Dollar Bill

Security features @ Banknote Corporation of America

All about the new $100 bill, in circulation Fall 2013


Nelson Mandela Banknotes

“Money Style” Photoshop portrait tutorial

Currency seal Illustrator tutorial

What would a redesigned U.S. dollar look like? (Slate)


Resources for Magazine Design


Linefeed Magazine Cover Archive

A great AIGA article about the future of the magazine: “Print is Dead is Dead.”

A good article about the 2009 redesign of the New York Times Magazine

Society of Publication Designers

The New Wave of Anti-Design Magazines Will Question Your Taste: And That’s a Good Thing 


Even More Useful Things

Type Spec Sheet Example

Advice for Type Spec Sheet

Our textbook: Thinking With Type, by Ellen Lupton.

How to hang punctuation (such as quotes) (Type>Story>Optical Margin Alignment)

How to create tabs, hanging indents (flush & hung), etc. in InDesign

How to hang text in the margin


Resources on Combining Typefaces

U&lc Guide to Mixing Typefaces

H&FJ’s “Four Techniques for Combining Fonts”

FontShop’s “Combining Type With Helvetica”

… and even more tips and resources.